FFA Challenge 2022

World-leading innovation happens here in Canterbury and we're looking to uncover more cutting-edge thinking with the Food, Fibre and Agritech Challenge in 2022.  

APPLY NOW and be in to win more that $70,000 in cash and in-kind prizes.  


You could be from: a university, a CRI, a startup, a small company, a large company, a high school...or, you could be an individual with a great idea! We are challenging New Zealand innovators and change-makers to develop new innovative solutions that meet market demand by considering: 

1. What innovative products and processes can we develop to increase the value, sustainability and competitiveness of New Zealand’s food and fibre sector? This could include high-value and alternative proteins, functional ingredients, bio-based products, or high-performance fibre

2. What solutions can we develop and implement to impact the sustainable food production, value-added product or forestry value chains? These solutions could be applicable to waste stream and the circular economy, technology/ data as an accelerator for agri business, nitrogen loss and water conservation, sustainable packaging, response to climate change, or emissions reduction and low carbon alternatives

3. What innovative research, idea or business venture can you present which will produce

value-adding, high impact transformation in the food, fibre and agritech sector.


For all enquiries, please contact Michelle.Polglase@canterbury.ac.nz


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